September, 2015


The roots of Galician people are, without doubt, based in the sea, farming, forests, their processing industries and ports.

Our families, making a great personal and labor effort, went from their forefathers’ legacy of fishermen, farmers and woodsmen to the industry and business world, thus enabling their children to go to college. This is certainly the most important legacy we have received from their honest and ethic hard labor.

Galicia’s socioeconomic situation has brought many times heavy emigration movements, both last century and nowadays. This context entails a human capital loss, people with great entrepreneurship and working abilities who have exceled in their destination countries in Europe and America. We must seek an ethical-social compromise in which we are able to manage economic and biologic sources in the most efficient and effective ways applying the values we have inherited from our parents and elders.

The utmost respect to freedom and personal rights, association when it is not detrimental to the former, to entrepreneurship and free enterprise development for economic growth, to the preservation of our parents and elders grand heritage, to the protection of our most precious natural value that Galician Nature represents; all of it must be the leitmotiv leading the enterprises and collectives development policies that have an important role in employment creation and social welfare.

Bio&Tech -Bioecnomic Development S.L.- Projects for Life Sustianability-, through its contribution as a young enterprise and our large experience in the bioeconomy and health fields, is looking forward to participating in regional bioeconomic development with an ethic and honest approach.

Vicente Vázquez